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MAHLE at CES 2024: a system champion for e-mobility

  • Electrification is focus for MAHLE
  • Innovations for electric drives and intelligent charging showcased at CES 2024
  • Technology kit for the perfect e-motor, inspired by nature bionic battery cooling plate and wireless charging at display

“Electrification is the focus of the future for MAHLE, as we continue to position ourselves as a systems expertise champion in e-mobility,“ stated Peter Lynch, Vice President Sales & Application Engineering and President, MAHLE Industries, Inc. At CES 2024, MAHLE will feature products focusing on electric drives and intelligent charging. A new technology kit for electric motors combines the advantages of MAHLE’s benchmark SCT and MCT electric motors. The "perfect motor" combines permanently high peak power, contactless and thus wear-free power transmission, the absence of rare earths, and maximum efficiency. With it’s bionic battery cooling plate, MAHLE has now achieved a technological leap forward by using nature as a model. And the all-new positioning system for wireless charging was recently chosen as the global standard technology by SAE International. 

This year, at CES 2024, MAHLE will feature a technology kit for electric motors that combines the advantages of its benchmark SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) and MCT (Magnet-free Contactless Transmitter) electric motors. With this unique technology toolbox for electric motors, MAHLE can offer its’ customers customized electrification solutions for any vehicle class, application, or even brand philosophy.

The MCT and the endurance champion SCT electric motor are among the latest innovations from the German automotive supplier in the field of electric drives. Dispensing with rare earths in MCT technology not only makes production more environmentally friendly, but also brings advantages in terms of costs and raw material security. It is particularly efficient - at almost all operating points. The MCT electric motor shows its efficiency advantages to the full, especially in those areas that are frequently used in real road traffic.

The MCT electric motor is characterized by high durability because the necessary transmission of electric currents between the rotating and stationary parts inside the motor is contactless and thus wear-free. Therefore, the motor is maintenance-free and suitable for a wide range of applications.

With the SCT electric motor, MAHLE currently has the most enduring electric motor in its range. The traction motor can operate at high power for an unlimited period of time. This technological leap was made possible by a new cooling concept. The innovative integrated oil cooling not only makes the e-motor robust, but at the same time also allows the waste heat generated to be used in the vehicle’s overall system. The new e-motor is unrivaled in its small size, light weight and efficiency. The extremely compact design also results in a material cost and weight advantage - a lighter motor requires less material in production and at the same time increases the possible payload in commercial vehicles.

Also on display, MAHLE has developed a wireless charging positioning system that allows an electric vehicle to be simply, reliably and precisely aligned above the charging coil in the floor. SAE International, the US-based standards developing organization for engineering professionals, has now chosen the MAHLE positioning system as the global standard solution for wireless charging. The cross-manufacturer solution from MAHLE paves the way for the comprehensive and rapid market launch of this attractive alternative to wired charging for batteries and electric and hybrid vehicles.

Essential for battery electric vehicles is heating and cooling in the car – the so called thermal management. Using nature as a model, MAHLE has now achieved a technological leap forward with its new battery cooling plate. MAHLE’s battery cooling plates, which ensure fast charging, long cruising range and long service life for sensitive lithium-ion batteries, making the complete system significantly more efficient with up to 20% battery life. MAHLE was able to increase cooling performance by 10 percent and reduce pressure loss by 20 percent. As a result, the battery can be reliably and homogeneously kept within the necessary temperature window. It thus becomes more efficient and can reduce charging time.

Visit MAHLE at the CES:

  • Level 2/Hall D — German Pavilion, MAHLE Booth 55439-24​
  • Level 4/Zeno — MAHLE Meeting Room 4706


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