Transmission oil service made easy

Stuttgart/Germany, October 11, 2021

  • MAHLE Aftermarket adds entry-level units ATX 250 and ATX 280 to its portfolio of transmission oil service solutions
  • Low investment costs make it easier for workshops to perform lucrative maintenance on automatic transmissions
  • Connectivity delivers fast updates and Remote Service options
  • ATX 280 features robust 7-inch touch-screen display

MAHLE Aftermarket is expanding its range of transmission oil service solutions. The recently added ATX 250 and ATX 280 are the latest developments in the successful MAHLE FluidPRO® ATX 150/180 series. Their low price makes it easier for workshops to begin offering transmission oil servicing for automatic transmissions. The units are connectable and can therefore be maintained remotely, allowing information about the vehicle and the necessary process step to be shown on the display. The ATX 280 features a robust 7-inch touchscreen.

“We want to offer our customers solutions that are tailored to meet their needs in all areas of their work,” explained Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket. “The entry-level ATX 250/280 units give workshops the opportunity to offer their customers lucrative maintenance services for automatic transmissions with low investment costs and therefore to benefit from the growing number of automatic vehicles worldwide.”

Regular maintenance of automatic transmissions extends their service life, avoids the follow-up costs of premature wear, and maintains the vehicle’s performance. The ATX 250/280 units carry out the flushing process fully automatically and also clean the hoses themselves once it is finished. Each device can hold 25 liters of transmission fluid (ATF) and has a 500-milliliter admixture tank. A drain grille for the oil pan and a practical hose store make work easier. Both units recognize the direction of transmission oil flow in the transmission fully automatically.

The ATX 250 and ATX 280 both include a vehicle database as well as step-by-step instructions. The user can bring the service unit up to speed quickly and easily with firmware and database updates delivered over Wi-Fi. If a problem develops, a MAHLE technician can connect to the unit via Remote Service and provide technical assistance quickly.

The ability to monitor the automatic transmission flushing unit with an app is a real labor-saving feature. The user can keep an eye on the status of the device in the vehicle via a smartphone or tablet, or instructions can be displayed directly. This is a huge advantage if, for example, the technician needs to shift through individual gears during the flushing process.

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