Stuttgart, December 21, 2022

MAHLE particle counter officially approved

  • MAHLE is one of the first manufacturers to receive approval from the German national test authority for its particle counter PMU 400
  • Approved particle counter in Germany from July 2023 prerequisite for emission testing on Euro 6 diesel vehicles
  • Available as a single unit or as a supplement to the MAHLE EmissionPRO® and Brain Bee Emission Line
  • Olaf Henning, Managing Director of MAHLE Aftermarket: "Despite tight supply chains, PMU 400 is available immediately and in sufficient quantities."

MAHLE Aftermarket is one of the first manufacturers to receive official approval of the German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (national test authority) for its PMU 400 particle counter. An approved device is mandatory for emission tests on Euro 6 diesel vehicles in Germany from July 2023. The PMU 400 is available as a single unit or as an addition to the MAHLE EmissionPRO® and BrainBee Emission Line series. "We are prepared for the reintroduction of particle measurement at the tailpipe. Despite tight supply chains, the PMU 400 is available immediately and in sufficient quantities," said Olaf Henning, member of the MAHLE Executive Board and head of the Aftermarket division.

In addition to its excellent price-performance ratio, the PMU 400 is characterized by long maintenance intervals. With the condensation particle counting (CPC technology) used, the individual nanoparticles in the exhaust gas flow can be precisely measured even at low concentrations. The sample taken from the exhaust pipe can be diluted two hundred times with clean air. This minimizes deposits of particles and dirt in the most sensitive parts of the meter. In addition, the CPC technology enables the precise determination of the number of particles in exhaust gases of gasoline engines that contain only minimal particles.

For gasoline engines, particle counting in the context of exhaust gas testing is not yet mandatory, but an introduction is already being discussed. Therefore, MAHLE recommends that workshops purchase a CPC-based device from the outset instead of relying on the slightly cheaper diffusion charging technology (DC). In order to facilitate entry into the future-proof professional class for the workshops, MAHLE ensured a particularly good price-performance ratio for the PMU 400 and also offers attractive leasing models.

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