• 全球独立维保车间首次具备电动车电池诊断能力
  • 马勒帮助维保车间进一步拓展内燃机以外业务领域以应对未来
  • 马勒TechPRO®系列设备新增电子扫描(E-scan)功能
  • 现阶段免费升级
  • 将在适用的许可模式框架范围内进一步扩展和提供诊断功能

As of the end of March, MAHLE Aftermarket has become the world’s first supplier to provide independent workshops with the means to run battery diagnostics on electric vehicles. The international automotive supplier’s spare parts and services business has equipped its TechPRO® diagnostic tool with new software for this purpose. The software will initially be available free of charge. As part of the further expansion of the diagnostic function, MAHLE Aftermarket plans to develop suitable licensing models for its customers. By taking this step, MAHLE is opening up new, future-proof lines of business for independent workshops beyond the combustion engine.

“Independent workshops are experiencing a growing influx of electric vehicles. Offering our customers the ability to perform battery diagnostics is an important first step in their transition towards e-mobility,” says Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President and General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket. “We are working every day to open up new areas of business for workshops in the fields of diagnostics, calibration, thermal management, and fluid management.”

A battery diagnostic check is necessary both for maintaining and repairing electric vehicles and for determining their residual value. The new battery diagnostic function will be installed on MAHLE and BRAIN BEE TechPRO® diagnostic tools in workshops with the update released at the end of March.

MAHLE TechPRO® recognizes all error codes within an average time of 30 seconds. The Linux-based system communicates with all the modules fitted in the vehicle and responds to over 54,000 detailed OEM error code descriptions. It stores all the data protocols locally, thus offering subsequent output if required, without having to reconnect to the vehicle.

The robust touch screen provides for simple, intuitive operation of the diagnostic system—from the current vehicle status to guided troubleshooting through to relevant component coding. Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, regular software updates are carried out automatically via the Internet so that TechPRO® is always up-to-date.


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