• “2022年度汽车品牌大赛——传播活动”奖项
  • “2022年度德国品牌奖——卓越品牌战略与塑造”奖项
  • “热管理系列活动”助力维保店铺销售业务,展示马勒售后在原厂设备领域的专家经验

MAHLE receives two coveted awards for its "Simply Trust" Aftermarket Thermal Management Campaign: In addition to winning the Automotive Brand Contest 2022 in the “Communication” category, the overall concept of the technology group''s campaign also impressed the expert jury of the German Design Award 2022 in the “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation” category.  MAHLE launched the campaign to promote its original equipment expertise in the field of thermal management, and provides workshops with effective sales support, including a comprehensive package of free communication and marketing materials. In addition, workshops can access MAHLE Aftermarket’s technical support service for the maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems. 

"Our workshop customers value our comprehensive thermal management expertise and our broad and innovative product range for repair shops. The fact that we have now also been able to inspire brand experts twice with our communication and marketing measures is very gratifying," says Olaf Henning, Managing Director of MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH and member of the MAHLE Management Committee.

As part of its campaign, MAHLE provides workshops with a comprehensive package of measures consisting of advertising and information materials that help communicate its thermal management services to customers. This includes appropriate information brochures, checklists, technical posters, flyers, or a variety of promotional gifts and giveaways.

The Automotive Brand Contest is one of the most important awards in the automotive industry. The award honors outstanding product and communication design and draws attention to the fundamental importance of brand and brand design in the automotive industry. The German Brand Award of the German Design Council is one of the most recognized design awards worldwide.

Information on MAHLE‘s Aftermarket Thermal Management Campaign is available at


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